Veronika Nemeth - Style Coach & Image Consultant

Soulful Personal Branding Expert. Intuitive (Life)Style Coach. Creative Empath.

Veronika Nemeth is a seasoned Image Consultant & Transformational Life Coach who specializes in teaching heart-centered female leaders to step into their power through aligning their style with their soul’s purpose. Her mission is to empower women to reclaim their worth and dare to be their best and true selves. She believes that our outer appearance is a reflection of how we see ourselves and it indicates the level of our self-worth and self-love. She’s committed to changing the way women relate to personal style and guarantees that her clients will not only look stylish but learn to love and embrace themselves. Her journey to finding her soul-aligned style lead her to create The Stylish Female Society - an online hub for women seeking soulful tips and advice on leading a stylish, authentic and meaningful life. She’s the creator and designer of her own brand, and makes sure that her true essence is always showcased through her designs, color choices and graphic elements.


Have you been wondering if your personal style is enhancing your inner beauty?

Your style is the mirror of your soul.

The way you dress is shaped by the experiences you had throughout your life. Your family, your relationships, the places you lived, the challenges you faced, all played an important role in becoming the person who you are today. You may have never moved to the city you live in, if it wasn’t for your partner, and you may have never cut your hair short, if he didn’t tell you that you looked cute with a pixie.

Our life unfolds based on the choices we make. Who you are today does not determine who you can become tomorrow. You have the freedom to reinvent, mold and change yourself as many times as you like until you finally find yourself. Your true essence is within you all along. Your only job is to love and embrace the real you and acknowledge yourself for who you really are.

I have always been passionate about creating beauty in the world. I was determined to express myself through my style ever since I can remember and I used to refuse to leave the house if my mother didn’t let me pick my outfits. My genuine yearning for self-expression led me to experiment with all kinds of arty-crafty activities. Making accessories was one of my true blisses but I also loved sewing and tie-dyeing my own clothes.

As the years went by my personal style became my primary field to channel my creativity. I have gone through different style phases and followed various fashion trends, but it wasn’t until I fully accepted myself that my style finally truly became the mirror of my soul.

Finding your soul-aligned style has nothing to do with trends.

Until you don’t acknowledge and accept who you are on the core, you’ll always struggle to keep up with your external image. Beauty is an inside job, and it starts with allowing the real you to emerge. It’s easy to learn how to dress for your body shape when you’re in love with yourself. But it gets a lot more challenging when you’re resisting to embrace the real you.

My mission is to teach heart-centered women to tap into their true essence, and learn to love themselves for who they are through creating their soul-aligned style. I believe that personal style is the most fundamental tool of self-expression and it is much more than just picking out the right clothes.

Living your own truth means that everything you are, have and do is reflecting the real you.

Your lifestyle, your outfits, your home, your hobbies and even your relationships. More you allow yourself to embody your true essence, the more it reveals your inner beauty and the more magnetic your presence becomes. You attract more aligned opportunities and more aligned people into your life. And suddenly everything starts to fall into place.

I’ve spent a significant part of my life feeling that I needed to validate my existence. I felt lost, powerless and insecure at times and allowed the wrong people to tell me who I should be. I denied my desired to create beauty in the world and resisted to step into my power and stand up for what I truly love for far too many years.

For a while I believed that my dream to create a meaningful business was not sustainable and that being soft, kind and sweet was only stopping me from achieving my goals. I let people take advantage of my generosity, and stopped myself from standing out by keeping my style low-key. I allowed myself to play small when all I wanted was to shine and dialed back on my femininity only to fit in.

The road to the real me had many twists and turns. Throughout the years I filled more journals then I can even count, and decluttered more things than ever before. I released the stories that were holding me back from becoming my best self and established a self-image that was reflecting my true essence.

When you come into alignment with who you truly are, you set yourself free from all past judgements, insecurities and fears. Being yourself becomes your default state and your entire presence reflects this inner confidence.

You finally feel liberated.

I hope my story inspires you to take the first step towards a better, more empowered and more beautiful you. Remember, that your power is within you, and you can unlock it anytime you like.

Are you ready to unlock your soul-aligned style?


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