3 Easy Steps To Creating Soul-Based Goals For Your Life

The online space is filled with compelling solutions to help you smash your goals. There seem to be a magic formula to every problem you can think of! What you rarely hear about though, is the commitment and hard-work that goes into turning your dreams into reality.

When you decide to set goals for the new year, the new month or just a new project, you tend to focus on the outcome. Buying a designer purse, getting a promotion or new clients, making 100k a year, are all tangible objectives that are usually the result of a series of actions. But have you ever thought about how you want to feel when you achieve all those things? Or ever simpler - why you even want to have those things?

Soul-aligned goals start with a clear intention. The best way to stay inspired while you’re working towards achieving your dreams is get clear on what’s you motivation behind your aims.

Do you want to feel pretty/feminine/professional by getting that purse? Do you want to make a change in people’s lives by getting that promotions or new client? Do you want to feel financially free by making that 100k?

Ask yourself question and get curious about the reason behind your goals.

3 Easy Steps to Creating Soul-based Goals for Your Life

Tune into your real desires

Great people do things before they’re ready, they say. But the road to success is never straight and it takes courage to keep yourself inspired and excited through the twits and turns.

It’s time to light a candle, take your favorite journal and allow yourself to tune into your true desires.

  1. Start with the feeling

    Ask yourself the question: ‘How do I want to feel when I achieve this goal?’ And start jotting down whatever comes up. Understanding what is it that you really want is the core of your motivation. No matter what you set your mind to, your real goal is always a feeling. Have you ever experienced getting something you so much wanted and still feel unfulfilled? Fulfillment comes from feeling the way you imagined by achieving that goal. It’s not about the expensive dress, it’s about the pride of having earned that money all by yourself. It’s not about the fancy vacation, it’s about the freedom you get with working for yourself. And it’s different for every singe one of us. Get clear on what’s the feeling you’re after.

  2. Set your soul-based goals

    Tuning into your feelings will help you shape your intentions. Once you understand your true desires, you can create an action plan that feels aligned. When replace your to-dos with exciting plans, accomplishing your goals will start feeling a lot more effortless. If your general intention is to become a better version of yourself, you can also ask yourself the following questions: “How do I want to feel as a woman / mom /wife / business owner / etc?” You can fill in the blank for yourself. This will help you better understand your motivations regarding your desired outcome. Take your time to feel into your new reality and create a vision board that reminds you of where you’re going. Document your journey and affirm yourself daily.

  3. Create new habits & rituals

    About 95% of the things we do are based on routine. Brushing your teeth in the morning, wearing a scarf when it’s cold outside or even greeting the shop assistant at the store are only few of the things we do out of habit daily. Our brain is a lazy machine that likes to do things on autopilot. So, when it comes to creating new habits, you need to be aware of the feelings behind your goals. Instead of trying to force yourself to do the things you think you should, tune into what feels the easiest and most effortless way to go. Telling yourself that you have to change will never going to work. However understanding why you want that outcome will take you much closer to how you can achieve your goals. For example, if your goal is to losing weight, ask yourself the following questions: Why do I want to lose weight? How do I want to feel when I lose weight? What kind of woman I want o be when I lost weight? How do I want to look? How do I want to spend my day? And start designing your new daily routine based on your answers.

To successfully create a new lifestyle (and a new you really!) you need to be consistently taking positive actions. It’s never too late to set a new goal and start bringing your soul-aligned desires into life!

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Veronika Nemeth - Personal Branding & (Life)Style Coach

Veronika Nemeth is the Founder and Creative Director of The Stylish Female Society. She is a seasoned Image Consultant, Personal Branding Expert and Transformational (Life)Style Coach helping heart-centered women to find their soul-aligned style and create a magnetic presence online & offline by uncovering their true essence and revealing their inner beauty through their style.

Her mission is to inspire women to step into their power, live their own truth and shine their authentic light through being the best version of them.