A New Season & New Beginnings

I feel as if this is the most perfect time to launch my weekly blog!

Fall officially began at the autumnal equinox on 22nd September, however the first week of October is when we really settle into the new season!

As I feel that we’re just starting to get to know each other, I thought I’d share with you what I love about autumn:

  • The scent of the air – it’s like no other time of the year!

  • Chilly mornings and sunny warm days.

  • Autumn food: grapes, mushrooms (It’s porcini season now in Italy!), pumpkins.

  • Eating hot & creamy soups (I love all vegetable cream soups!)

  • The beautiful colors of leaves / trees (sometimes I even collect them!)

  • Pumpkin decorations - and not just for Halloween!

  • Spa weekends - it’s the perfect season for pampering getaways.

  • Big autumnal walks, both in nature and in the city.

  • Chestnuts - I just love eating roasted chestnuts from street vendors when and I’m out and about and also at home in front of the TV!

  • Staying in on chilly evenings or rainy days.

  • The smell of bonfires.

  • The Halloween vibe - although I didn’t grow up with Halloween (in the continental part of EU people usually go to the cemetery on the 1st of November as it’s the day of remembering the loved ones who passed away), nowadays Halloween has become part of the culture here in Italy and also in my home country of Hungary.

  • Childhood memories of harvests. My granddad had his own vineyard and as kids we used participate in picking the grapes and we watched the pressing process while eating a special egg cream that my grandma made for us. I remember the special smell of the very fresh wine and grapes.

My Autumn Wardrobe

And of course a new season means adjusting our wardrobes – we switch to a richer color palette and start adding autumn trends and different items as we head towards winter.

So, how do I plan to change up my look and update my wardrobe for the coming months?

  • I love reorganizing my wardrobe for the fresh season. I do this for all seasons, however there’s always a feel of a fresh start in the fall.

  • I find it fun to rediscover my old clothes that I had packed away for the summer. I create new outfits to reflect current trends and write my fall/winter shopping list.

  • While in the summer I find it easier to come up with creative solutions for shopping on a budget, in the winter every important item is a significant investment (e.g. winter coat, good boots, leather bags), so I like to plan it out more, taking into consideration what’s urgent and what I can for until the sales (I’ll be talking about how to design your shopping budget in a future article, so keep your eyes out for that!).

  • This season is so versatile in terms of style, and because at this time of year the temperature is so variable (often freezing cold first thing in the morning and warm & sunny by mid-afternoon!), layering is your best strategy for keeping warm / cool and staying stylish at the same time!

  • Dresses, blouses and tops can be easily tranformed into a cozy and warm "cold-weather outfit" by adding a chunky jumper or a wool scarf, or you can dress them up for the evening with a chic masculine tailored blazer.

  • Little ankle boots, skinny jeans, chunky knits and oversized scarfs are great if you’re going for a casual preppy vibe; or if your personal style is more “romantic”, oh-so-trendy maxi dresses and flowy chiffon skirts are a great look.

  • And BTW - I just love chunky jumpers and scarves! Wool & cashmere are my favourite winter fabrics and I cannot wait to wrap myself up in them!!

  • Velvet and brocade are big this season and are fantastic for transition an outfit from day to night, while all of the metallic, dazzling outfits currently in the shops are perfect for glamorous night-time adventures!

  • One of my go-to early autumn looks is a simple t-shirt, blazer, jeans & sneakers combo spiced up with some wintry accessories (for example a luxurious scarf, huge fake fur pom-poms or leather tassels on a big handbag...)

  • When the temperature tumbles as we head towards Christmas, you can usually find me in skinny jeans, ankle boots and a chiffon blouse under a wool cardigan or jumper. I also add a bit of fun to my outfit with my favourite (fake) fur slightly oversized coat! I’m definitely the queen of layers!!

  • While in the summer I tend to use “mini” handbags, in the autumn it’s the bigger the better! Last year’s was a large wine colored bowler bag, and this season I’m planning to buy a petrol or forest green colored version. When I’m looking for a “statement” handbag (more colorful and trendy rather than a “classic” piece), I go to special local "craftsman" stores where I find high quality “Made in Italy” products for a great price. I love that here in Italy it’s possible to discover so many exceptional handmade artisanal products that aren’t available anywhere else!

New Season & New Beginnings, Veronika Nemeth

Clearly I’m a big fan of autumn, but I’m going to let you into a little secret here – my favourite time of year is actually Christmas! I usually start preparing at the beginning of November when I put up the first of my decorations and the festive season becomes all I think about! Therefore the real fall feeling is quite short-lived for me, which means I have to cherish every moment – but isn’t that how we should be living anyway?


What’s your favourite time of the year? How do you switch up your wardrobe as the season change?

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Veronika Nemeth - Style Coach & Image Consultant

Veronika Nemeth is the Founder and Creative Director of The Stylish Female Society. She is a seasoned Image Consultant, Personal Branding Expert and Transformational (Life)Style Coach helping heart-centered women to find their soul-aligned style and create a magnetic presence online & offline by uncovering their true essence and revealing their inner beauty through their style.

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