My Secret Formula For Changing Your Life

I know you have big goals - and so do I. When a new idea strikes I immediately go into action mode. I tend to execute my plans long before I know where they’ll take me and this go-getter approach is not always taking me to where I want to go. Being an action is a great asset when it comes to making decisions but jumping onto whatever comes along can also make you run in circles without ever reaching your goals.

I learnt this the heard way.

Allowing yourself to pause venturing into your new process allows you to check in with yourself to see if you’re taking the right actions. There’s no way to know before whether the decisions your taking today are going to give you the results that you’re longing for but there’s a chance you will enjoy the journey much if you take the time to ask yourself the following questions before you go into action mode.

  • Why do I want to achieve this goal?

  • What’s the actual feeling I’m after when I think about achieving this goal?

  • Is the woman I am today capable of achieving that goal?

  • What do I have to change in order to be the person who can achieve that goal?

When allow yourself to be instead of do, magical things happen. You get to tune into to your true desires and come up with a soul-aligned plan that will take you to the right direction.

When was the last time you checked in with yourself?  


Uplevel Your Life In 7 Simple Steps  

  1. Declutter your physical space. This includes your wardrobe, your house as a whole and your workspace. Everything is energy and being surrounded with things that don’t serve you will make you feel ungrounded and frazzled. Don’t let your vibe be influenced by the clutter around you.

  2. Take some time out. Give yourself the gift of silence and the space to evaluate your life. Embrace silence. Honor yourself, switch off, and think about only yourself and your desires. Give yourself the opportunity to connect with yourself - something which is difficult when you're busy working and looking after everyone else in your life. Reduce your social media use, turn off your notifications, don’t multitask. Shut out the noise and focus on the now. Think about the future just by being in the present.

  3. Ask yourself: “Who do I want to be?” Your answer to this question will continuously change and evolve - even within a short period of time. Your answer might also bring up a lot of other things and will impact every area of your life. The woman you want to be - how does she look? How does she present herself? What does she do? How does she carry herself? I highly recommend lots of journaling (sometimes I spend literally hours jotting down my thoughts). First thing in the morning is a great time to do this, but do it when the time feels right for you. Go deep inside of yourself, look at all aspects of your life - relationships, business, health and happiness. Journaling will help you tap into desires you didn’t even know existed.

  4. Start from the outside in. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s likely that your answer to the question “Who do I want to be?” will leave you wondering where on earth do you begin in order to get from where you are right now to where you want to be. The solution to this is to start to change the things of your life in an area you’re comfortable with. For example, I’m a very creative person, so naturally working on the more “creative” areas of my life first is a great place to start. In fact, and this probably won’t surprise you, I usually begin with my wardrobe! Not only is style, image and appearance an area where you can get quick and tangible results, but how you look is directly related to how you feel. And how you feel on the inside manifests on the outside. Remember, your style is the mirror of your soul.

  5. Boost your self-care routine. I always ensure that I have time to tune into the day, even throughout busy times. Drinking my morning tea in peace and quiet is usually just enough for me to ground myself but I love taking time to journal on easy days. During intense periods of expansion, your body and your mind needs time to integrate and replenish, therefore extended time for self-care is inevitable. If you’re in the middle of a change, allow yourself plenty of time and space for things that make you happy, even if it’s just napping or watching a couple of episodes of your favorite TV show. Do whatever it is that you crave and do more of it. Reinvention can be exhausting in the beginning. Allow yourself to have fun & relax!

  6. Design and plan. Change starts with an intention. A little seed that you plant in the soil today and patiently water and nurture until it reaps. Take your time to get clear on why you want to change. Allow your desires to fuel your actions and constantly remind yourself how you want to feel by achieving your goals. Planning from that space makes everything flow with ease.

  7. Repeat regularly. Work through the previous six steps on a regular basis. Shape your desires as you expand and grow into the version of you that can achieve your big goals. Check in with yourself frequently. Create new routine that include more self-care, more time off and more fun. And remember, it it’s meant for you, it’ll find you, so when something is not mandating the way you expected go back to your core and reevaluate your why.


It’s never too late to change. You can grow, shift, fine-tune and restart as many times as you like. So, you might as well start today! :)

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Veronika Nemeth - Style Coach & Image Consultant

Veronika Nemeth is the Founder and Creative Director of The Stylish Female Society. She is a seasoned Image Consultant, Personal Branding Expert and Transformational (Life)Style Coach helping heart-centered women to find their soul-aligned style and create a magnetic presence online & offline by uncovering their true essence and revealing their inner beauty through their style.

Her mission is to inspire women to step into their power, live their own truth and shine their authentic light through being the best version of them.