Reinvention: It’s Time To Create A Life You Love

The caterpillar morphs into a butterfly; the seasons change; night turns into day.

Yes, it’s all very poetic, but the fact is that our lives are in a constant state of change.

No matter how much you strive for steadiness, or how much you try to organize or control your situation, our bodies, surroundings and circumstances change whether we like it or not. It’s a relentless evolution, and there’s nothing you can do to stop this cycle.

The best way to cope with change is to enjoy the new experiences and embrace the phase you’re currently in. There’s no reason to fight against the elements! The universe will not stop from expanding just because you’re reluctant to accept its rules. Instead, learn to embrace it and use the changes to your advantage.

They say that life is made of 7 year cycles. As we grow older, we get to learn that change is the only sure thing in life. If you do not accept change, you become change. The sooner you learn to handle it, the happier you will be!

Many of my clients are established women in their late thirties or forties, and I see them struggling with change more than most. They think about their life, their business, their family and their home but more often than not they forget about the most important thing to invest in (both their time and money) - themselves.

Your style and your personal brand is ALWAYS a representation of what you have going on the inside. And as we are evolving, it’s essential to keep up with the changes on the outside too, because when we don’t, that’s when we get a disconnect and we start to feel unhappy with the way we look.

Reinvention: It’s Time To Create A Life You Love

One of my clients once said: “You’re helping me to become the person I want to be”. Because we always have a choice. Who we are is not set in stone, we have the freedom to become whoever we want to be. It’s entirely possible to start out as a law grad and then end up as a yoga teacher because you discover that’s your true calling. That’s real reinvention – and it’s totally within your power!

However, even if you stick with your first career, you continuously evolve in other ways - not to mention our natural ageing process. It’s likely that the clothes that you wore in your late twenties don't fit anymore, but even if the size is just fine, they don’t make you look and FEEL the woman you want to be anymore.

So many women in their thirties find themselves in a style rut. Their circumstances have changed – they have become a mother/a wife /a CEO or a business owner (or all of these things), and their life looks completely different to how it did a decade ago. As such, their existing wardrobe just doesn’t suit their life – or them – anymore.

The way to get the most out of life is to be your true authentic self – and therefore it is vital to express yourself, and the current version of yourself, through your image.

But, to express your authentic self, you first need to uncover who she really is. How do you like to spend your time these days? What hobbies would you like to take up (and which ones would you like to give up)? What are your life goals? What in your life (habits, relationships, obligations) no longer serves you? How has your personality developed? Perhaps you no longer want to be the people-pleaser you’ve spent the past 20 years being. How do you want to live your life now?

It’s time to find out who you are, and then design your style and life on your terms so that you can become who you really want to be.

Are you ready to do this? Be your very best you and love your very best life?

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Veronika Nemeth - Style Coach & Image Consultant

Veronika Nemeth is the Founder and Creative Director of The Stylish Female Society. She is a seasoned Image Consultant, Personal Branding Expert and Transformational (Life)Style Coach helping heart-centered women to find their soul-aligned style and create a magnetic presence online & offline by uncovering their true essence and revealing their inner beauty through their style.

Her mission is to inspire women to step into their power, live their own truth and shine their authentic light through being the best version of them.