Wardrobe Basics: Everyday Must-Have Pieces

There has never been a better time to be a fashion lover.

Regardless of your personal preferences, there are so many different genres that are “en vogue”, it’s difficult to be out of fashion!

These days, what you wear is an expression of your personality – and generic style has given way to “personal style”. The era of “uniforms” is coming to an end and we are all free and encouraged to “be ourselves” in every way possible. Yet there’s a fine line between being yourself and expressing your personality, and just looking a confused mess.

Fashion is about creativity, while personal style is about finding the clothes that flatter you at the same time as expressing your personality. So when we speak about capsule wardrobes, there’s no one size fits all formula. We are all different, so we need different things.


For advice on how to build your unique capsule wardrobe, see HERE.


In the following list, I’m sharing my own personal wardrobe formula that I also use with my clients when building their wardrobes - often from scratch.

My personal style is very relaxed yet sophisticated and chic. In everyday life, I like mixing casual pieces with smart items and consider being comfortable as important as looking great. Most of my clients reach out to me because they like my style and want my help to create a wardrobe that mixes comfort and fashion in a relaxed way. They want to find their own personal style, and they see mine as a point of reference.

A couple of notes here:

  1. Each of the following basic items should be personalized to you. For example, a “plain white tee” could have ruffles, or a scoop neck, or a V-neck.

  2. If any of these items don’t fit your lifestyle, age, body shape or personal style – then switch them out for something that does!




Your Guide To Everyday Wardrobe Basics


An evergreen fashion staple. While denim trends are always changing, they often also return. Generally flattering cuts are usually slim or skinny, mid-rise, and slightly cropped. Dark-wash is always a classic and works for any shape and size, while lighter washes flatter slimmer and taller figures. There are millions of ways to wear jeans, from smart and elegant looks to really super-relaxed and casual outfits.


White Top / Shirt

An all-time classic that goes really well with most of the things in your wardrobe. My personal staple is the white tee that I pair with almost everything, from jeans to midi skirts. It works with my super casual “Sunday looks”, as part of my smart “client meeting attire”, or even with some of my evening outfits. The secret is to opt for very good quality fabric and really simple flattering cuts. If your style is more classic or formal, a white shirt can serve the same purpose. Silky fabrics work well for summer months, while a classic cotton button-down can be a great addition to a preppy wardrobe.



A timeless layering piece that pulls any look together, from casual to formal. They work well as part of a co-ord, with formal pants, jeans, dresses, and even with skirts, at any time of the year. The latest trends are more masculine cuts, but there are endless options between fitted and oversized. When choosing a blazer, you need to take into consideration your body shape and opt for something that accentuates your best features.


Shift Dress

Another versatile classic that flatters any shape and size. A little black dress is more than just a cliché – it’s one of the most coveted staples when it comes to dresses (and definitely a must-have for formal occasions), but choosing navy instead can give a softer feel to an everyday look all year around. You can accessorize it according to your style and the occasion. The plainer the dress, the more possibilities it gives you to personalize it to your needs. My secret is to add a pretty belt and mix it up by switching between different shoes.



A real power piece that makes everyone look – and feel – like a real woman. Reach for your pumps anytime you need a confidence boost and want to look sexy and feminine. There’s no set “stylish” heel height (Bambi-on-ice isn’t a great look, so make sure you get pumps with a heel you can easily walk in!), but good quality leather is a must. Black is certainly a color that’s worth investing in, as well as a nude pair to go with all your clothes. Colorful options are great to add a lot of personality to any look. They make any outfit look put together and elegant.



A comfortable addition to your wardrobe that allow you to walk for miles (a must for any city-dweller!). In order to look stylish, opt for anything starting from a simple white minimal pair to a metallic slip-on– just make sure they don’t look like your old school gym shoes. Experiment with different styles till you find your ideal pair. It adds a dose of cool to any outfit.


Ladylike Handbag

A large leather shoulder bag in a neutral color is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s a functional accessory that serves you every day, all day. It’s something you want to invest in. A nice “grown-up” handbag enhances all outfits and works with any style. Find a color that matches most of your clothes (such as shades of beige or taupe) and choose a classic evergreen shape.


Real Jewelry

Costume jewelry is a great way to achieve awesome looks, and it’s definitely an important part of your everyday wardrobe. But sometimes you need to take your look to the next level and wear those simple diamond studs that, despite their tiny size, shine brighter than glass stones. There’s no need to break the bank by any means, however, that little investment in a pair of silver & zirconia earrings makes a whole lot of difference. Not only in how you look but also in the way you feel about yourself. Maybe no one else will even notice the difference, but the fact that you know that you invested in that piece will give a very special meaning to it – and make you feel amazing!


Good Quality Lingerie

Lingerie can make or break an outfit, so it’s worth investing in. Fit is the most important factor here – if your lingerie is too tight or doesn’t support you properly, then the line of your outer clothes will be spoiled with lumps and bumps and things not being where they should be! (And a note of caution here – this is relevant to every woman, regardless of her weight or shape…) Choose neutral colors that work with, rather than against, the rest of your outfit. For full details of all the pieces you need in your “lingerie wardrobe” and how to shop for them, take a look at my blog HERE.

For advice on how best to put these basic pieces together and build outfits that will make you look great no matter the occasion or time of year, my blog STYLE MADE SIMPLE: READY-TO-WEAR OUTFIT FORMULAS tells you everything you need to know!


Personal Branding

If you’re in the process of building your signature look and “business wardrobe” and wondering about the kind of outfits you’ll need for a Personal Branding Photoshoot, then I have just the thing for you!

I’ve created a FREE Personal Branding Photoshoot checklist detailing everything you need to know, do, and organize from one month before the photoshoot, right up to the very day.

Veronika Nemeth - Style Coach & Image Consultant

Veronika Nemeth is the Founder and Creative Director of The Stylish Female Society. She is a seasoned Image Consultant, Personal Branding Expert and Transformational (Life)Style Coach helping heart-centered women to find their soul-aligned style and create a magnetic presence online & offline by uncovering their true essence and revealing their inner beauty through their style.

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