Your Guide To Creating A Soul-Aligned Personal Brand

We all want to make a good impression when it comes to important event in our lives. We spend a significant amount of time researching, shopping and getting ready to go to weddings, parties, dates or networking events - but what about our every day style?

It’s easy to fall off track when you’re ‘just’ doing the weekly food shop or picking up the kids at school. But what if you bump into a client while you’re running errands in your worn-out yoga pants?

Your style is the mirror of how you feel about yourself.

When you’re getting ready for an important event, you’re usually excited and want to show the best side of you. But it’s your everyday outfits that tell the real story of you.

If run an online business, it seems to be easy to ‘manipulate’ the first impressions you make. You probably have some beautiful branded pictures taken by a professional photographer sprinkled through your feed, and you choose your photos accurately to maintain your brand image. But are you portraying the same image the real life?

Your personal brand is the look & feel of you.

You cannot fake looking perfectly put together on your social media if never dress up properly in real life. People will feel your mixed vibrations and it’ll mess with how you’re perceived.

Personal style goes way beyond fashion. It’s the overall feeling of your presence. Your vibe is your superpower and that’s what you sense when you see someone for the first time. Imagine your clothes like the packaging of a beautiful diamond. You cannot expect people to see how shine it brights if you’re not displaying the beauty of of it on the outside!

How much effort you make to express your inner beauty through your style is how much you actually love and accept yourself.

5 Ways to Stay Consistent With Your Style

Creating an authentic personal brand is easier than you think. There’s no need to manipulate how people perceive you! Focus on finding your soul-aligned style and reveal your inner beauty through your presence. Wear clothes that make you feel amazing and embrace your true essence. Stay consistent with your style, no matter the occasion. Create trust by being confidently yourself.

Tips to create & maintain a soul-aligned personal band

  1. Forget about what you want others to think and focus on how you want to feel instead. Your vibe is what people pick up on regardless of what you’re trying to portray. You cannot fake confidence if that’s not what you feel on the inside! Tap into what you need to feel confident / professional / stylish and focus on creating a presence that evokes those feelings in you. The rest will automatically fall into place!

  2. Find your flattering colors and stick to them! Not everything looks good on you. Sometimes wearing an unsuitable color changes not only how people perceive you but especially how you feel. Colors are a powerful source of emotions and you don’t want to leave this amazing tool to chance. Make conscious choices when it comes to creating a soul-aligned wardrobe and consider your skin tone and eye and hair color.

  3. Choose your signature accessories. There’s nothing more memorable than a sparkly statement necklace or a bold pink handbag. No matter what’s your style, find accessories that complement your personality and keep your style consistent, no matter how basic is your outfit.

  4. Focus on creating beauty. We are naturally drawn to beauty. You instantly feel rejuvenated by looking at a bunch of beautiful flowers. You may prefer roses to lilies, and pink color to white, but it’s almost impossible not to feel uplifted by seeing something beautiful. It brings joy to your life, and opens your heart and soul. Think about your personal style as a white canvas and paint something that makes you feel come alive.

  5. Put your needs first. It’s easy to get caught up in who others want you to be. Don’t let their noise confuse you. Tune into your true essence and reveal your inner beauty by listening to your heart. No need to conform to anything or anyone, but yourself. You’re beautiful as you are. It’s time to believe it, gorgeous.

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Veronika Nemeth - Style Coach & Image Consultant

Veronika Nemeth is the Founder and Creative Director of The Stylish Female Society. She is a seasoned Image Consultant, Personal Branding Expert and Transformational (Life)Style Coach helping heart-centered women to find their soul-aligned style and create a magnetic presence online & offline by uncovering their true essence and revealing their inner beauty through their style.

Her mission is to inspire women to step into their power, live their own truth and shine their authentic light through being the best version of them.