Instant Wardrobe Detox

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Fall back in love with your closet!


My Instant Wardrobe Detox will help you to discover how owning fewer clothes can actually mean that you have more outfits to wear!

This is the perfect service for you if you’d like a brand new wardrobe without having to go shopping!


Instant Wardrobe Detox - Veronika Nemeth

Would you like:

  • clarity on your current style and style goals?

  • your most important style questions answered by a professional, with personalized advice tailored to your specific needs?

  • to feel inspired and excited about getting dressed in the morning?

  • an instant boost to your self-confidence?

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.
— Coco Chanel

Instant Wardrobe Detox - Veronika Nemeth

The Instant Wardrobe Detox package includes:

  • 45 minute online consultation, comprising a mini Style Analysis. We’ll talk about your current image, your style aspirations, and how to take your look to the next level to help you achieve your business & professional goals. I’ll answer 3 of your style questions, with advice tailored to you. I’ll give you personalized outfit suggestions.

  • Your own personal mini virtual “look book” containing one outfit that you can wear in three ways for a casual, business and nighttime look.

You deserve the confidence that comes from knowing you look amazing.

To be the woman you always knew you were.

To live, dress and run your business with grace and ease.

Style is about so much more than fashion:

  • I don’t try to force you to wear the latest trends.

  • A great style is attainable at any age, weight or size.

  • I won’t make you wear clothes and accessories that make you feel uncomfortable (in anyway).

  • My thorough consultation process ensures that I understand exactly how you want to look - and feel.

Instant Wardrobe Detox - Veronika Nemeth

The Instant Wardrobe Detox package is the perfect way to start your style story and to get the most out of the clothes you already own.

Just imagine...

  • Having a wardrobe of brand new outfit combinations - without shopping for new clothes!

  • Being excited about getting dressed each morning.

  • Getting a taste of having your own personal stylist.

  • Feeling confident and energised about your image and the way you look.

Instant Wardrobe Detox - Veronika Nemeth

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Instant Wardrobe Detox package €197