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How do you feel when you look in the mirror?


Does what you see delight you? Or is your reaction usually “Ugh! I look a mess/frumpy/old/fat.”


Do you look like the woman you want to be? The woman you see yourself being in your head? That woman you can see across the bar/restaurant/mall who just seems to have it all together?


Are you so frustrated by the fact that you don’t seem to be able to move on - move “up” - in your life? That you seem stuck. Not in a rut, but in a never-ending cycle of feeling bad about yourself. Buying clothes/makeup/accessories to make you feel better, and then when that doesn’t work, you still don’t get the job, the man or dream lifestyle, it starts all over again.


Maybe you’ve spent a lifetime of buying fashion magazines, only to feel inadequate when you see the gorgeous models wearing clothes you think you could never afford, or ridiculous when you splash out on the latest styles only to discover they don’t suit you.


Perhaps you’re holding yourself back from going for what it is that you really want. When you’ve lost some weight, you’ll join a yoga class at that chic studio in town. When you’ve perfected your capsule wardrobe, you’ll go for that promotion. When you’ve had your teeth fixed, you’ll ask him out.

Let me tell you, how you look, how much you weigh and how you dress isn’t what’s holding you back. And by the time you’ve lost weight/sorted out your wardrobe/had your teeth fixed, the gym will have closed down, the promotion will have gone to someone else, and he’ll be engaged to another girl (probably the one who got your promotion!).


What is holding you back is the way you feel about yourself - and that is manifesting itself in your outward appearance (I didn’t say there wasn’t a link between the two!).


We’ve all been there - envious of that other mom who always rocks up at the school gate looking stylish and polished, while you’ve barely managed to roll out of bed and into yesterday’s sweatpants. Jealous of your colleague who glides around the office somehow looking both professional and sexy - and of course, she always gets given all of the best projects. Or maybe it’s closer to home - at family gatherings, your uber-cool sister makes you feel unfashionable and out of date, even when you’re wearing a brand new outfit.


Until you discover how to feel better about yourself - learn to love yourself - your life isn’t going to change.


You’re buying lots of cheap clothes that clutter up your closet. Bankrupting yourself in the department store beauty hall searching for the miracle cream/lipstick/fairy dust that’s going to magically transform your appearance. Signing up to pricey gyms.


You’re spending money, but are you really investing in yourself?


Are you actually fixing the issues that are causing you to feel fed up, disappointed and frustrated with yourself and the way you look?



Or are you just looking for quick wins? Impulse buys to make you feel better in the moment? Expensive trinkets and commitments to give you a temporary boost and a big crash when you get your credit card statement?


And still, nothing changes.


That you can fall back in love with yourself.

That you can be the woman you always wanted to be.

That you can look as stylish as you dare to be.

Don’t believe me?


Well, it’s true. I’ve worked with hundreds of women just like you. They weren’t celebrities, but they were smart, attractive, exceptional and ambitious. And they all had one thing in common…


They knew there was something more out there for them - and they knew that the secret to getting it was inside of them, they just needed to find it.

Veronika Nemeth - Style Coach & Image Consultant


I’m a Style & Image Coach, but before I take any of my clients shopping, we dig deep. We delve into the “stories” that are holding them back (you know the ones: “I’ve got a dumpy frame”, “I’m just a plain woman”, “Being stylish is for other women, not for me.”). We figure out who it is that they want to be and we allow that woman to manifest into reality.


This October, I’m spending a weekend in Milan with 10 ladies focusing on the women that they want to become.


They’re going to learn the ins-and-outs of being stylish and how to master the Italian art of sprezzatura - effortless elegance.


They’re going to shop in the famous Milanese quadrilatero della moda (fashion district), frequented by celebrities and VIPs, and get a taste of what it’s like to be a woman who truly values herself.


They're going to enjoy an entire weekend of “me-time”, pampering and thinking of no one but themselves.


They're going to discover new brands, stores and styles (and when their friends back home ask them where they got that gorgeous outfit, they’ll answer “Oh, just a little place I know in Milan!”).


They’re going to uplevel their style, their wardrobe and their life - all in the course of one short weekend.

They’re going to be immersed in the Italian way of life, sampling the food, the fashion, the lifestyle - the whole dolce vita!


Would you like to learn how to create outfits in no time so that you can:

  • get ready faster in the mornings

  • feel amazing every day (not just on special occasions)

  • spend less on clothes yet have more outfits

  • shop more efficiently (and make the most out of even the smallest budget by only buying the things you really need)

  • pack easily and effortlessly for travel?


Would you like to find the confidence within yourself to really go for your dreams and live a life that lights you up?


If the answer is yes, then I’d love for you to join me in Milan and be one of these 10 women.


It’s time for you to begin your Style Story in the home of fashion…

Milan Style Stories VIP - 12th -15th October 2018

  • 3 nights B&B in a 4* hotel in the centre of Milan

  • Full day style workshop, including a vision board seminar

  • A group shopping excursion in the legendary Milan fashion district

  • An additional 2 hour 1:1 personal shopping trip

  • A one hour post-retreat 1:1 online coaching session

  • 1 year’s membership of The Stylish Female Society - The VIP Club

  • A welcome party on Friday night

  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday


Early Bird: €1497


Milan Style Stories - 12th -14th October 2018

  • 2 nights B&B in a 4* hotel in the centre of Milan

  • Full day style workshop, including a vision board seminar

  • A group shopping excursion in the legendary Milan fashion district

  • 1 year’s membership of The Stylish Female Society - The VIP Club

  • A welcome party on Friday night

  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday


Early Bird: €997

You don’t have to be the woman who wakes up in the morning and dreads choosing what she’s going to wear that day. Who opens a closet overflowing with clothes but finds she has nothing to wear. Who looks in the mirror and is disappointed with her reflection.


I know you want more - and I know that it’s possible for you. You CAN be the woman you want to be.


Are you ready to meet her?


Book your future now…

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Not included in the price of the retreat:

  • Flights/transport to Milan
  • Airport transfer
  • Dinner or drinks on Saturday or Sunday evening
  • Lunch on Monday