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Viviana Di Leo

Lezzeno, Italy

“The world needs to know how much my life changed since I decided to invest in working with Veronika last May!

I had my thoughts about doing it, yes. It was an investment, and as a new mom, I felt it was pretty selfish to invest in myself and in my image. What was I thinking! BUT, it was the BEST investment EVER because I’m still seeing the results months later!!

It was hard in the beginning, yes. I cried and had to let go of many things but with this acceptance came – I embraced my body and who I was becoming. An eye-opening realization was that I was hiding behind my baby, not only in my life but also in my business.

I learnt:

  • how to dress for my body shape

  • which colors suit my skin tone

  • how having simple plain shirts make a difference (I love prints, but now that I understand the power of plain t-shirts I can make so many more outfits!)

  • how to put together outfits that I love

  • which styles really suit my body (this makes shopping so much fast and more efficient!)

  • to buy only what I need and not just what is cheap!

  • to be stylish and elegant without having to spend thousands on designer brands!

I’m blessed to have met Veronika!!!”

To read Viviana’s full story, click HERE.

Testimonials - Veronika Nemeth


Gilly Kennedy

Edinburgh, UK

"Having made the change from corporate professional to running my own coaching business I jumped at the chance to work with Veronika! I was not disappointed.

Veronika skillfully and thoughtfully uncovers your core values and provides excellent advice and tips on how best to integrate these into your personal brand. I thoroughly recommend her innovative My Style Story program, a fabulous way to create your new image. Whether you’re starting a new business or want to refresh your existing one, Veronika can help you look and feel fantastic!"

Testimonials - Veronika Nemeth


Debbie Grey

Sydney, Australia

"Veronika was able to take me directly to some great shops in Milan which offered very reasonable prices! The time and money saved by having this personal service was invaluable.

It was my first experience with a stylist and it definitely won't be last!

It was so easy and pleasurable to spend a day with Veronika, I may even be transformed into someone who likes shopping now that I know which colors and styles suit me. I have had nothing but compliments from all family members who received a private fashion show. Thank you again Veronika."

Testimonials - Veronika Nemeth


Ildi Rezmuves

Budapest, Hungary

"Veronika - with her immaculate sense of style and insight into corporate etiquette and personal image - helped me define my ideal color palette and refresh my wardrobe.

She really took the time to get to know me and understand what my goals were and what I hoped to achieve from our coaching sessions.

Veronika’s services are indispensable for any business woman looking to create a  powerful personal image which reflects the real them!"

Testimonials - Veronika Nemeth


Anita Toth

Janiva Digital Marketing

"I really appreciated Veronika’s honesty - she offered great advice on not just my wardrobe, but also my social media image and hair & beauty. What she does is  awesome and she’s offering an amazing service for sure!"

Testimonials - Veronika Nemeth


Sheena Yee Pang  

London, UK

It was great to spend an evening with like-minded business women who were also looking to enhance their personal style and image.

Veronika’s interactive approach towards demonstrating which colors work for different skin tones and how to dress outfits up or down was fun and eye opening. Since the workshop I have revamped my wardrobe by removing items that don't work and started building a new style and bring more color into my life!"

Testimonials - Veronika Nemeth


Belen Perez

Madrid, Spain


"Veronika, thank you so much for helping me with my style. After the workshop I reviewed my entire closet and I got rid of all the old things I no longer need in my life. Thanks to you I get dressed every day with ease and put lot more attention to what I wear. I finally love myself!"

Testimonials - Veronika Nemeth


Rocio Romero

Madrid, Spain

"Veronika makes you truly aware of the messages you convey with your outfits. It has been powerful to discover, for instance, which color or shape is best for my personality and physical characteristics. The workshop was lots of fun and it was fantastic to discover how you dress says so much about you! Great, Veronika - thank you for everything!!"

Testimonials - Veronika Nemeth


Rachel Forcella

Yorkshire, UK


“Working with Veronika has transformed my confidence. I have a much clearer idea of who I am and the image I want to project to the world.

Practically, I’m buying fewer clothes, but I have more outfits to wear - and getting dressed in the morning is much easier now that I better understand myself and my wardrobe!”


Testimonials - Veronika Nemeth


Lisa Bradshaw

London, UK


"It is always great to see a very relaxed, personal but still professional expertly run a class so effortlessly and smoothly. It was also a pleasure to also see so many inspirational women too, and to hear their interesting stories. Thank you for your advice and enlightening everyone on a one-to-one basis on their colour palettes.

Since the session I have used your advice - it was so much easier planning my holiday outfit options in advance! I ended up with a much lighter suitcase and my 14-piece capsule wardrobe made it a breeze to dress whilst on holiday...who knew!!??

So thank you, it's made me think twice when shopping now, and I’m searching only for key items that are cut to flatter me!"