My Style Story

In-Person Style Coaching

Personal stylists - they’re just for celebrities, aren’t they?

Not any more!

Celebrities understand the power of image. They know how to dress for success. They make sure that their look gives the right impression.

And now you too can take your style - and your business - to the next level.


Have you always:

  • dreamt of having your own stylist?

  • wished you could have your wardrobe edited by an expert?

  • wanted to have a personal shopping experience?

  • longed for a head-to-toe makeover?

My Style Story

As a business woman you invest in your website, your logo, marketing.

When was the last time you invested in yourself?

You’re not just an extension of your brand - you are your brand.

If your personal style or image conflicts with the rest of your business’s branding, this will weaken and undermine the messages you send to your clients and prospects.

Start Your Style Story

Do you feel as if:

  • sometimes your image lets you down?

  • your professional style isn’t aligned with your brand, or desired brand?

  • your lack of confidence is stopping you from making sales and from taking your business to the next level?

  • having a look which more reflected your true authentic self would lead to more opportunities?


Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.

— Giorgio Armani

The My Style Story In-Person Style Coaching package is for ambitious women who are looking to take their style - and their business - to the next level.


This is a Milan-based experience - start your Style Story in the city of style!


The My Style Story In-Person Style Coaching package includes:

  • A full and in depth consultation

  • Mindset work, focusing on boosting confidence and dealing with self-limiting beliefs.

  • An in-person wardrobe edit, including shoes & accessories

  • 2 x 2 hour Milan shopping experiences

  • Your own personal “look book”

  • Hair & make-up evaluation

My Style Story Coaching Package

You deserve the confidence that comes from knowing you look amazing.

To be the woman you always knew you were.

To live, dress and run your business with grace and ease.

Style is More than Fashion

Style is about so much more than fashion:

  • I don’t try to force you to wear the latest trends.

  • A great style is attainable at any age, weight or size.

  • I won’t make you wear clothes and accessories that make you feel uncomfortable (in anyway).

  • My thorough consultation process ensures that I understand exactly how you want to look - and feel.

  • You set your budget for refreshing your wardrobe.

The My Style Story In-Person Style Coaching package is a one-time investment which gives you a lifetime of value.

Just imagine...

Your Style Story
  • Your wardrobe will contain ready-to-go outfit combinations which you’ll know how to switch up depending on the occasion and season.

  • You’ll have fewer clothes - but more to wear! Every item you own will work with at least 5 other things in your closet.

  • You’ll save money as you’ll no longer buy items that are ill-fitting, don’t work with the rest of your wardrobe or are just plain “wrong” for you.

  • You’ll save time by using your personalised outfit formulas (which are documented in your look book).

  • You’ll be prepared for any event - in-person & online meetings, live stream videos, presentations, photoshoots.

  • You’ll have a defined personal brand and style.

  • You’ll gain clarity on how you can use your image to represent your business and help you to achieve your goals.

  • The confidence you’ll gain in your own style will be reflected in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to invest in your future?

My Style Story In-Person Style Coaching package €3997