I’m excited to guide you along the journey to finding your soul-aligned style!

I believe that personal style goes way beyond combining clothes. It’s a natural tool to express yourself and share your beauty with the world through your presence. When your style stems from a place of self-love and self-awareness it becomes the reflection of your true essence. By portraying who you truly are, you genuinely become more authentic and more confident and your vibe aligns with your truth.

And it all start with seeing yourself for who you truly are.

The Soul-Aligned Style™ method is about tapping into your true essence and creating a more confident and more authentic version of you from the inside out through aligning your self-image with who you truly are.

I believe that your style is the mirror of your soul. When you uncover your true self and learn your real worth, your apprerance naturally turns into a celebration of your inner beauty. You feel deserving of being your best self and you want to give yourself what you crave. This this the place where we can start creating your soul-aligned capsule wardrobe from.

Learning to put yourself first is inevitable in this process. Without honoring your own needs, you will always end up self-sabotaging yourself. The Soul-Aligned Style™ journey starts with committing to yourself and making your own growth non-negotiable. The feeling of happiness and fulfillment will be just an unavoidable ‘side affect’.

There is no point in looking good if you do not feel amazing in your skin!

It’s time to put yourself first, gorgeous and make things happen.