Style Stories Workshops

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Discover your style story!

Join me for an event which will start to transform the way you think about style.


What can I expect? 

Style Stories Workshop

A fun & informative occasion with like minded ambitious and image conscious women! Each workshop is unique, designed with the specific needs of the participants in mind, however topics often include:

  • Learning which colours are best for you, and how to wear them.
  • How to accessorise for impact.
  • How to transform a daytime outfit into a glamourous evening look.
  • Challenging the beliefs that are holding you back from dressing as the true authentic you.

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.”
— Anne Klein

Style Stories Workshops are held in cities across Europe.

To find an event near you, take a look at the Style Stories Workshop calendar.

Style Stories Workshop

Have you ever wondered if your life would be different if you had more confidence in the way you dressed?


Do you feel as if sometimes your image lets you down?


Would you like to start crafting your signature look?



You deserve the confidence that comes from knowing you look amazing.

To be the woman you always knew you were.

To live, dress and run your business with grace and ease.


Are you ready to start your Style Story?

For more information about upcoming events, including prices and locations, visit the Style Stories Workshop calendar.