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Who doesn't love a free gift? Each one of these gifts has been designed especially for you to guide you along your style journey and to help you live life as the very best version of you!

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Your Ultimate Chic Sheet - Veronika Nemeth

Your Ultimate Chic Sheet

My ultimate list of style insider tips and advice will give you a point of reference when you’re getting dressed and when you’re shopping. They’ll help you to make the very most of your wardrobe - and yourself. They’ll give you the confidence you’re looking for when it comes to your image.

The Authentic Personal Brand Guide

This workbook will help you to define and refine your style and create a personal brand that’s true to you - and creates a fantastic and long lasting first impression!

The Authentic Personal Brand Guide - Veronika Nemeth

Personal Branding Photoshoot Checklist - Veronika Nemeth

Personal Branding Photoshoot Checklist

If you’re planning a personal branding photoshoot, then you’ll need this checklist, which will ensure that you’re organised, feeling confident, and looking great on the day. It covers everything you need here to make it a success.


Refresh Your Style: Weekly Planner

Don’t get stuck in a style rut! Every now and again we just need to shake things up a little. This weekly planner will give you the prompts you need to try something new and make your style changes with confidence!

Weekly Outfit Planner - Veronika Nemeth

Complimentary Image Evaluation - Veronika Nemeth

Complimentary Image Evaluation

During your complimentary Image Evaluation, we’ll get to know each other. You’ll find out exactly what it’s like to work with me and how my expertise can help to transform your wardrobe and your life. I’ll get insight into your personality, your current style and your goals & aims for your style coaching sessions.

Book your complimentary Image Evaluation with me now - I can’t wait to speak with you!